Who we work with / Partners

CF Europe is a strong believer in collaborative working to achieve our goal of providing people with CF a long and fulfilling life. Working with key stakeholders enables us to, not only build a trusting and strong community, but also to dive forward our key projects.

Key examples of our collaborations are:

The Scientific Society

The European CF Society (ECFS) is a crucial partner. Together we work on several projects and CF Europe is a representative on the ECFS-CTN, the ECFS-PR and the ECFS-Standards of Care working group.

The European Institutions and EMA

In order to ensure the needs of people with CF remain on the radar of the European decision makers, we build our network within the European institutions and represent people with CF in the various bodies at the EU level.

Other patient groups

Key collaborators include the CFF, EURORDIS, EPF and ELF. Due to our overlapping goals and aims, we are able to support each other’s work streams and combine our efforts to improve the quality of life for people with CF.

Pharmaceutical Industry

While it is of utmost importance that we stay independent of the pharmaceutical industry, it is also crucial that we ensure the patient voice feeds into any of their research areas. CF Europe is convinced that putting the patient at the centre of their care also means engage in honest dialogue with pharmaceutical collaborators to identify unaddressed care needs which may feed into any treatment development.