What we do

Cystic Fibrosis Europe (CFE) is the federation of national and regional CF Patient Organisations in Europe with members in over 39 countries. Founded at the European CF Conference in Belfast in 2003, CFE is a non profit organisation representing people with CF and their families in Europe. CFE works in close collaboration with other international organisations and is an active partner in several European projects.

Promote and support patient-centered research

CFE brings research closer to people with CF by supporting continuous communication to all national Patient Organisations. CFE collaborates with key stakeholders in the field of CF research to ensure research prioritises the perspective of people with CF.

Promote the best care from the perspective of people with CF

CFE ensures that the perspective of people with CF is included in any future improved European Standards of Care. In addition, CFE supports its members to achieve access to the best possible care in their country by: informing patients and professionals; organising training, lobbying at the European level, supporting lobbying on a national level.

Represent and defend the interests of people with CF

CFE directly advocates with relevant stakeholders, such as the European Institutions, other patient groups and industry. We have built and continue to develop these relationships with key actors to strengthen our voice and broaden our reach.

Inform member organisations and support sharing of best practice

CFE informs its members on the progress of activities in CF research, care and advocacy, as well as latest developments in the CF community. In addition, CFE enables sharing of best practice by organising workshops and learning platforms.

Provide tailor-made support to members

CFE provides financial support to members wishing to attend CFE meetings and CFE workshops. It provides hands-on support in organising local or regional conferences, and local lobbying. In addition, CFE is the contact point for its members for any questions raised or support needed.