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Personalised Medicine – Use of Advanced Analytics

New Therapies
Quality of care
Basic research United Kingdom Prof. Mihaela van der Schaar
Status: Ongoing

Use existing datasets to:
i) Develop tools that identify the way an individual responds to their CF and so help guide the treatment options.
ii) Establish tools that permit the prediction of what treatments must be continued or can be safely stopped following the introduction of disease modifying therapies such as Ivacaftor.
iii) Explore the use of mathematics to understand better ways of designing future clinical trials.

CF Trust Grant Code: Research Strategy Development Fund 002

Institute: University of Oxford
City: Oxford (England)
Project amount (€): 74.100

Contact information

  • Hilde De Keyser
  • 0032 - (0)2 61 32 716
  • Driebruggenstraat 124, 1160 Brussel
  • Chamber of Commerce number: 0640.670.746

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