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Predictive Capacity of miniguts (organoids) on disease severity in newborns with CF

Clinical research Netherlands Prof. Kors van der Ent - Prof. Harm Tiddens
Start date: 2011
End date: 2020
Status: Ongoing

Children are born with CF every year. In recent years, a new intestinal biopsy was taken in all newborns with CF in Erasmus MC Rotterdam and UMC Utrecht to determine the function of the Chloride channels (CFTR function). In addition, the children were intensively followed according to a standard protocol (CF-AREST). In this subprogram, these children will be further followed and will be evaluated to what extent the severity of the disease course is related to the function of the Chloride channels. With this knowledge, the intensity of the follow-up program can be better attuned to new children in the future. In newborns, the effect of CFTR modulating drugs can hardly be measured. With the data from this subprogram, children can be predicted in the future with which medication they should be treated.




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Institute: UMC Utrecht - Erasmus MC
City: Utrecht - Rotterdam
Project amount (€): 300.000

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