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Defining research priorities in cystic fibrosis. Can existing knowledge and training in biomedical research affect the choice?

Other Issues
Psychosocial Italy Prof. Roberto Buzzetti
Status: Ongoing

The aim of this report is to assess whether the research issues priorities are perceived differently according to the Stakeholders (SH)’s individual knowledge of research topics and degree of training in biomedical research. Four groups of SH were enrolled in this study: 1. Skilled SH, specifically trained in biomedicine; 2. Unskilled untrained SH who responded to a written questionnaire in 2015; 3. SH who were trained for one year in a course delivered by professionals; 4. Untrained SH who responded to an online questionnaire in 2017. The large ranking order variability observed among groups addresses the question that the choices are markedly influenced by the SH’s backgrounds. Such results emphasize the need to consider the education level and the delivery of ad hoc training activities by professionals to broaden the base of SH who may be considered qualified to transfer the Patient Centered Outcome Research principles into practice.

Researcher: Luigi Graziano
City: Bergamo
Project amount (€): 2.000

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  • Driebruggenstraat 124, 1160 Brussel
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