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Coping styles and adherence to treatment in adolescent, adult and transplanted patients with CF

Psychological issues
Psychosocial Belgium Dr. Trudy Havermans
Start date: 01/07/2014
End date: 30/06/2016
Status: Finished

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) research has shown that adherence to treatment is a challenge in the CF clinic. Attitudes and barriers to treatment are important predictors of adherence and insight in attitudes and barriers will help improve CF care. In addition, CF research, be it sparse, has indicated that coping styles are related to adherence and certain coping strategies are more efficient than others.

The aims of the present study are 1. to investigate coping styles and attitudes and barriers to treatment in a cohort of 174 adolescent and adult patients with CF and 85 transplanted patients with CF; 2. to investigate the association between specific coping styles and specific attitudes and barriers to adherence to  treatment; and 3. to identify whether barriers and attitudes to treatment and coping styles are associated with patients’ CF disease status.

The results of this study will help in understanding coping and  adherence to CF treatment over the lifespan of patients. The identification of beneficial coping styles and constructive attitudes to treatment will help members of the multidisciplinary CF team to help patients cope with the challenges of CF throughout adolescence and adult life.

Researcher: Dr. Trudy Havermans, Prof. Dr. Marijke Proesmans, Prof. Dr. Lieven Dupont, Prof. Dr. Robin Vos
Institute: UZ Leuven
City: Leuven
Project amount (€): 14.940

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