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Continue the pilot study Lung transplantation from initially rejected donors after ex-vivo lung reconditioning

France Edouard Sage
Status: Ongoing

Considered as insufficient quality lungs, many grafts are not transplanted. Thus only 15% of available lungs from brain dead donors are used leading to an increase of waiting list for pulmonary transplantation and to no change in the number of death on list despite the possibility of national super-emergency transplantations. In France, the wait before pulmonary transplantation is 4.4 months and death rate is 10% corresponding to 40 deaths among a waiting list of 400 patients; it especially concerns patients with cystic fibrosis despite their young age or patients with rare blood group and/or HLA antibodies, morphological specificity …
However the quality of some pulmonary transplants considered as non-transplantable may be improved by a specific technique, Ex-vivo lung perfusion (EVLP), which allows their transplantation in the best condition. We proposed to continue the Pilot study “Lung transplantation from initially rejected donors after ex-vivo lung reconditioning”. We transplanted the last two years 34 patients, and we want to finish the study with 10 more lung transplants.

Project amount (€): 103.481

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