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Analyzing the exact defect in the construction of the chloride channel in various CF mutations

Cell Biology
Basic research Netherlands Prof. Ineke Braakman
Start date: 2017
End date: 2021
Status: Ongoing

While drugs are being developed for patients with frequent CF mutations, there are patients with other, much rarer, variants that might experience as much recovery from such a drug. In this study, a “molecular bar code” is made of each mutation of CFTR, allowing the different mutations of people with CF to be classified into classes with the same bar codes. The response to medicines can also lead to therapeutic classes. The American CF foundation has understood from the FDA that as much as possible (laboratory) information must be gathered in order to increase the chances for a certain mutation to be admitted to the market.

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Researcher: Dr. Bertrand Kleizen
Institute: Universiteit Utrecht
City: Utrecht
Project amount (€): 50.000

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  • Driebruggenstraat 124, 1160 Brussel
  • Chamber of Commerce number: 0640.670.746

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