We are excited to share that for the first time, the main programme of ECFS’s Basic Science Conference will include a patient organisation-initiated symposium called ‘Care for Rare: precision medicine to bring innovative therapies to people with rare mutations’. The session is planned on Thursday 30 March from 16:45 to 18:30.

This year’s Basic Science Conference will take place in Dubrovnik from 29 March till 1 April and will be chaired by renowned CF scientists Nicoletta Pedemonte, Alexandre Hinzpeter and Camille Ehre. This ECFS conference is a key annual event for all scientists working on cystic fibrosis allowing them to showcase the latest advances in the field.

To bring the patients’ views and priorities closer to the people actually working in the lab, five European patient organisations (Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK) have put together a dedicated symposium. This symposium will not only focus on the science behind precision medicine for people with rare mutation, but will also cover regulatory aspects and the hurdles to get this personalised medicine to those who need it. During the session, a prerecorded testimony from a person living with rare mutations will be shown. The symposium will be chaired by Nicoletta Pedemonte and CF Europe’s Head of Research Elise Lammertyn, and will replace the preconference meeting that used to be held just before the start of the Basic Science Conference.

It’s not too late to register! Go to the ECFS website for more information.