Amid conflict and chaos, people living with very vulnerable health conditions, including those with cystic fibrosis (CF) in Gaza face additional challenges and are in desperate need of food, water and medication. The health of people with CF and other respiratory diseases are doubly impacted by fumes and dust resulting from bombardments.    

CF Europe is launching an urgent fundraising campaign to provide essential support to people with CF in the region in the coming months. The devastation caused by war has disrupted access to nutrition and sanitation as well as basic medical care. With hospitals being bombed in Gaza, those remaining active are overflowing: people with chronic conditions cannot be admitted and those caring for them are overworked. 

Over the past two months, CF Europe has tried to understand how best to help. We have been in contact with our member patient organisations and with CF specialists in Israel and Gaza to try to find concrete ways to help people affected by the war.  

Reaching out to people with CF in Gaza is extremely difficult however, we have identified the possibility of getting help via Egypt, where organisations such as Medglobal are providing medical assistance. We also learned about the precious efforts carried out by CF Bridge Of Hope to get people with CF out of Gaza as soon as possible. 

While we continue to join all those demanding an immediate ceasefire, we invite you to make a donation so that we can support these initiatives, buy and send food kits, hygiene kits, basic medications, devices and respond to changing needs in the coming months.  

Looking past differences, the CF community came together in support of people with CF affected by the war in Ukraine. We believe we cannot stand by while the needs of people living with vulnerable health conditions in Gaza are threatened, while children pay the price of war.  

Together, we can make a profound difference and bring at least some relief to those who need it. To support this crucial cause, please donate to CF Europe through this link. 

Thank you for your compassion and generosity!