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CF Europe Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2021

, Online   30/06/2021 - 30/06/2021

The CF Europe AGM will once again take place online this year on 30th June 2021 from 10:30 – 13:00 CET. Further details to register to come soon.

Basic Science Pre-Conference Meeting – POSTPONED TO 2021

Albufeira, Portugal   16/03/2021 - 16/03/2021

Experts are invited to discuss hot topics in CF research Since 2014, patient the organisations from France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom and Germany organize together with the European Cystic […]

CF Europe Annual General Meeting

ONLINE MEETING,    31/08/2020 - 31/08/2020

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, CF Europe AGM and capacity building seminar planned on Wednesday 3 June in Lyon had to be cancelled. Nevertheless, our general assembly has been […]

European Young Investigators Meeting

Paris, France   26/02/2020 - 28/02/2020

For the 14th time we organise the European Young Investigators Meeting (EYIM). This meeting aims at strengthening the skills and knowledge of young scientists involved in CF cutting-edge research. We […]

Seventh CF Round Table of Companies

Amsterdam, Netherlands   03/12/2019 - 03/12/2019

CFE organises the 7th CF Round Table of Companies. We will talk about Patient-friendly Clinical Trial Notes: Communications insights from CF patients, researchers & companies with the members of the […]

19th Scientific Meeting of the German Patient Organization

Schloss Montabaur, Germany   19/09/2019 - 20/09/2019

The Topic of this year’s ScieM is “Future Medicine and CF”. Chairs: Dr. Andreas Hector (Tübingen) Dr. Mirjam Stahl (Heidelberg) Prof. Dr. Burkhard Tümmler (Hannover) Language: English Participation fee: free […]

CFE Annual General Meeting & Workshops

Liverpool, UK   05/06/2019 - 05/06/2019

On Wednesday June 5th CFE is organizing its Annual General meeting and workshops. This year we will have a workshop on “fundraising” and a workshop on “training the expert patient”. […]

13th European CF Young Investigator Meeting (EYIM)

Paris, Institut Pasteur, France   27/02/2019 - 01/03/2019

The 13th European CF Young Investigator Meeting will take place at the Institute Pasteur in Paris (France) from February 27th to March 01st 2019. This scientific meeting is organized by […]

9th South Eastern European CF Conference

, Slovenia   16/11/2018 - 17/11/2018

More information will be provided soon.

Mukoviszidose ScieM 2018

Bad Salzschlirf, Germany   27/09/2018 - 28/09/2018

The 18th Scientific Meeting (ScieM) of the German Cystic Fibrosis Association (Mukoviszidose e.V.) will be on “anti-infective and anti-inflammatory strategies to modulate the CF-microbiome”. It will take place on 27 […]

41st European Cystic Fibrosis Conference

Belgrade, Serbia   05/06/2018 - 09/06/2018

The annual meeting and workshop of CF Europe will take place in Belgrade (Serbia) on Wednesday 6 June 2018. The family day, in collaboration with the Serbian CF patient organization, […]

European Young Investigators Meeting 2017

Paris, France   21/02/2018 - 23/02/2018

More information will be provided.

South Eastern European CF Conference

Sofia, Bulgaria   20/10/2017 - 22/10/2017

More information will be provided soon. Click here to register

8th South Eastern Eureopan CF Conference, Sofia (BG)

Sofia, Bulgaria   20/10/2017 - 22/10/2017

CF Europe and CF Bulgaria organise the 8th South Eastern European CF Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria from 20 to 22 October. A team of international experts will talk about all […]

CF Round Table of Companies

Amsterdam, The Netherlands   27/06/2017 - 27/06/2017

More information will be provided soon.

40th European Cystic Fibrosis Conference

Sevilla, Spain   06/06/2017 - 10/06/2017

The annual meeting & workshop of CFE will take place in Seville (Spain) on 7 & 10 June 2017 ( The events that are italic are open to all CFE members. […]

11th European CF Young Investigator Meeting

Paris, France   15/02/2017 - 17/02/2017

2nd International Physiotherapy Course

Belgrade, Serbia   30/05/2016 - 31/05/2016

On 30 & 31 May 2016 CF Europe and CF Serbia organise the 2nd international physiotherapy course in Belgrade Serbia. This course is an opportunity for physiotherapists from the region […]

Annual General Meeting & Workshops

Basel, Switzerland   06/05/2016 - 08/05/2016

European Young Investigators Meeting

Paris, France   10/02/2016 - 01/02/2016

For the 10th time young scientists in CF will meet senior scientists in CF during the European Young Investigator Meeting.

Meeting Of The PO Research Group And Meetings With The ECFS-CTN And ECFS-PR

Prague, Czech Republic   27/01/2016 - 29/01/2016

The members of CFE, involved in research will take part in these meetings.

Project Meeting Of The MyCyFapp

München, Germany   18/01/2016 - 19/01/2016

CF Europe is a partner in the EC-project on “improving the enzyme replacement therapy as an early intervention strategy for cystic fibrosis (CF) patients”. All project partners come together during […]

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