CTN annual report 2020 now available

The ECFS Clinical Trial Network has just published its 2020 annual report. In the 2020 ECFS Clinical Trial Network annual report, you will find more information about the activities of the network, its working groups and how people with CF are involved in the daily operations of the CTN. This report was established with detailed and critical input from individual patients, families, patient reviewers and patient organisations. A short infographic of the annual report is also available. Furthermore, the German, Dutch and French patient organisations have done a great job of translating the 2019 CTN annual report into German, Dutch and French. This will be updated as soon as possible with the translations of the 2020 annual report.

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Contact information

  • Hilde De Keyser
  • hilde.dekeyser@cf-europe.eu
  • 0032 - (0)2 61 32 716
  • Driebruggenstraat 124, 1160 Brussel
  • Chamber of Commerce number: 0640.670.746

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