CF Europe Vice President Dimitris Kontopidis has been awarded the European Lung Foundation (ELF) Award

We are proud to announce that Dimitris Kontopidis, the Vice President of CF Europe and CF patient, has been awarded the European Lung Foundation (ELF) Award.

For many years, Dimitris has been tirelessly campaigning to improve the lives of people with CF. In November 2019, he made the selfless decision to refuse the offer of a lung transplant in order to urge the Greek government to make new, life-changing therapies available in Greece. As a result of Dimitris’ actions, more than 80 Greek patients have received life saving treatment. Learn more about Dimitris’ hard work in the video below:

See more information about the award here.

The press release about the award, which was awarded at the ERS International Congress 2021, can be found here.

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